Deus Ex: Sarif Ending – Pro Augmentation

It's in our Nature to want to rise above our limits. Think about it. We were cold, so we harnessed fire. We were weak, so we invented tools. Every time we met an obstacle, we used creativity and ingenuity to overcome it. The cycle is inevitable… but will the outcome always be good? I guess that will depend on how we approach it.

Mises: The purpose of democracy

“Persons and systems in the government of non-democratic states can be changed by violence alone. The system and the individuals that have lost the support of the people are swept away in the upheaval and a new system and other individuals take their place. But any violent revolution costs blood and money. Lives are sacrificed, … Continue reading Mises: The purpose of democracy

Mises about Redistribution

"Our whole civilization rests on the fact that men have always succeeded in beating off the attack of the re-distributors."Ludwig von Mises, Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis "Unsere ganze Zivilisation beruht auf der Tatsache, dass es den Menschen immer gelungen ist, den Angriff der Umverteiler abzuwehren."Ludwig von Mises, Die Gemeinwirtschaft – Untersuchungen über den Sozialismus (1922) … Continue reading Mises about Redistribution

Mises: The relation between nationalism and socialism (or “the right” vs. “the left”)

“The nationalist, too, affirms Socialism, and objects only to its Internationalism. He wishes to combine Socialism with the ideas of Imperialism and the struggle against foreign nations. He is a national, not an international socialist; but he, also, approves of the essential principles of Socialism.”Ludwig von Mises, Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis “Auch der Nationalismus … Continue reading Mises: The relation between nationalism and socialism (or “the right” vs. “the left”)

Mises: The welfare state and socialisms goals

“No longer should individuals by their buying or abstention from buying determine what is to be produced and in what quantity and quality. Henceforth the government’s unique plan alone should settle all these matters. ‘Paternal’ care of the ‘Welfare State’ will reduce all people to the status of bonded workers bound to comply, without asking … Continue reading Mises: The welfare state and socialisms goals

Ayn Rand: Moral cannibalism

„The moral cannibalism of all hedonist and altruist doctrines lies in the premise that the happiness of one man necessitates the injury of another.”Ayn Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness “Der moralische Kannibalismus aller hedonistischen und altruistischen Lehren liegt in der Prämisse, dass das Glück des Einen das Leid des anderen bedingt.”Ayn Rand, Die Tugend des Egoismus Very important quote. That’s the … Continue reading Ayn Rand: Moral cannibalism